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Ever feel like the person you are on the outside bears no
resemblance to who you are on the inside?
Like you have to wear a mask to conform to the person
you think should be;
how you should look, how you should live?
Yet deep down you want to be true to yourself
You sense that there is so much more to you, so much to be discovered
If only you could find the courage to learn to
trust and follow your own convictions.

Is this you?

You are fed up of feeling fed up;
You are searching for answers;
You are tired of just coping and putting up with.
You are ready to face up to the underlying
issues causing you emotional pain.
You have tried everything else but somehow you
find yourself still stuck,
and you have finally admitted to yourself that
something must change.

Then you have come to the right place!

Hi I’m Oby

I am an Authenticity Coach and qualified Counsellor
I would love to help you get unstuck
and to overcome the things robbing you of your
freedom to enjoy your life to the full.
I help my clients overcome personal challenges by equipping
them to develop self-awareness.
By working with me you will uncover the depths of who you are;
gain powerful insight and knowledge;
and learn how to be your true and authentic self.
I believe this is the key to overcoming the
problems you are facing.
We will work together to build strong foundations using effective
interventions and strategies to help you
achieve your desired change.

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I found working with Oby very refreshing; she has an extremely professional yet warm manner. What I found and continue to find most admirable about Oby’s work is the level of transparency about her journey, which makes it so easy to relate to her. Oby coached me through the art of congruency and authenticity, which I believe to be major themes she uses in her work. Thanks to Oby, I have made these two things apart of my life mantra and it has been freeing to say the least.

Felicia N (simplyfeli)

“Counselling was something I had never thought of doing before the end of 2015, but it was one of the greatest decisions I had ever made. It truly was the start of a beautiful journey within myself, a process of healing which Oby was so present. After suffering a break down towards the end of 2015, I responded so well with our sessions that I didn’t require any medical intervention at all. ”

Elom Fiawoo

I came to find Oby’s services at a very crucial time in my life. I was sinking deep into depression and feeling suicidal majority of the time. I sought out counselling because I had no one else to turn to in my everyday life that I felt would understand and give insight to the complexity of what I was going through. The last several months with Oby have helped save my life.

Filipa Martins

“I started the year feeling lost and overwhelmed. I was reluctant to ask for help but knew that I could not carry on living as I was. I am so happy I found you!!

During our sessions you guided me and helped me realise how my behaviours and fears where stopping me from revealing my true self and be happy. With your help and support I have been able to breakthrough so many issues that have been causing me suffering for years. I feel so much more free and confident and I am so grateful to you and our journey! Thank you so much!!”

Sylvester La Tunje

The self-harming awareness course was truly insightful. The course delved into a subject area which is such a taboo. I felt that you presented the topic very well. Not only was the content precise and very educational, in addition you personalised some of the topics by sharing some of your own personal experiences. One the things that struct me was that children can self-harm in many different ways than the obvious. Thank you for a job well done.

Modupe Falase

I attended the self-harming course run by Oby and as a volunteer youth worker, mother and aunty, I felt it was very helpful in helping me notice/identify signs and symptoms I would probably have overlooked in the past.

It opened my eyes to what pressure the young people are under and how they tend to deal with it in their own ways.

The training enlightened me on how to approach the subject if it ever came up and how to go about reporting it to the appropriate people if it was beyond my power. I would recommend this to everyone, you never know when it might help you save a life.

Abigail, Essex

“In a short time Oby was able to help identify issues that were the root cause of my anxiety. More importantly she helped me identify strategies to address and overcome a difficult situation”

Lisa YH

“I found the sessions with Oby to be very enlightening. I was quite sceptical ahead of our first session and Oby was able to break down some of the walls that I had put up. Our conversations were constructive and I found Oby supportive and understanding. Our session have given me more insight.”

Amina Ize, Essex

“I had no clear direction, felt really stuck and had a lot of self-doubt about applying for jobs that I once could only dream about. Oby gave me the tools to bring my vision into actualisation. I find her methods highly effective, results oriented and holistic”.

Lucille Onyema

“Having worked as an actress and been a stay home mum, I really wanted a career change, but I found it quite daunting knowing how to transfer my skills and experience into a new career that I would find rewarding. Oby helped me feel confident in my abilities, she really encouraged me to believe that I could apply my skills, gifts and experiences to teaching and working with young children.

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