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I shared with my private Facebook group that change is possible, we can chase after the life we truly want, but first we must know what we really want.  What Do You Want?  When clients start working with me this is one of the first questions I ask. What Do You Want?  I watch them squirm in discomfort as they attempt to answer. We often feel undeserving of the life we truly want. Perhaps we are afraid to say it for fear that we will jinx it or that it might sound so ludicrous.  There was a time when saying that I wanted to earn a living following my passion to empower people sounded foolish and unreachable.  But now I know it is and I want to share it with you!

6 Life-changing Lessons I learned in 12 months

1, Know what you want and write it all down Every hope, wish, dream and desire. If you struggle to know what you want, answer this question “what would I do if I knew I could not fail?”. Don’t overthink it or try to answer realistically. Be intuitive.  What is tugging at your heart with excitement and fear at the same time?

2, Be willing to not care what about what other people think If you are a people pleaser this is hard.  My self-coined quote is “the more you conform, the less you become”.  If you spend your time living for the approval of others and trying to fit in, you will struggle to find your lane let alone walk in it.   Read my blog How to overcome the fear of what people will think.

3, Be prepared to make sacrifices There is a saying, “If you want something you have never had, you must be willing to do something you have never done.”  Change is never easy, no matter what it is and it can be costly. The last few years I have barely watched any television and last year, I had the decision to cut of certain relationships because I knew they would hinder me from making the progress I wanted to make.  Yes, I was radical in some ways, but that was what I needed to do to make it or break it.  Sometimes you have to help yourself get to where you need to, before you can go back and help others.

4, Protect your mind from people and situations that will only make you question your judgements and decisions Get off social media if need be to stop you comparing and gauging your success by what everybody else is doing. Remember this is your life, not theirs.

5, Be prepared to invest in yourself  I heard this saying recently,“don’t expect people to invest in you when you are not prepared to invest in yourself” I was guilty of this for a long while, always trying to do things on the cheap and get things free. Yet I expected massive growth and change. If the change you are after, is something you believe in and truly want, then be prepared to put your money where your mouth is.  There is nothing wrong with negotiating and being honest about where you are at, but don’t let finance be the excuse you give yourself.  Many people have a scarcity mindset and struggle to invest in their personal development.  Or we would much rather spend heavily on material things that brings immediate gratification.  Trust me I know about this, this was how I lived. A few years ago, I would easily spend £800 on a bag. Now, if the expenditure is not going to help me grow or make more money I would think hard before parting with my cash.  The truth is over the last couple of years I really have had no time or interest in shopping. I had a real revelation last year, that my need to spend extravagantly in the past was fuelled by my lack of purpose. The more frustrated I was about my life the more money I spent to feel good about me.  So, I have saved myself thousands of pounds by not overspending which I have used towards my self-development.

6, Surround yourself with mentors, coaches, and a strong support network of people who will hold your hand and walk you through the process.  I would not have exceeded my goals last year without the support of 3 coaches, 2 mentors, 1 counsellor and 3 accountability partners. I paid for coaches for their expertise in areas where I lacked knowledge. I am a great mindset coach and counsellor but I certainly am not an expert on growing my business online, or in marketing strategies.  When I decided to write a book, I knew I needed a coach who would help get it done quicker without having to spend hours researching. Time is money! I shared with my private Facebook group that before change can happen physically, it must first take place in your mind.  Fear is the very thing that keeps us crippled and prevents us from making change – whatever that change is.   Whilst mindset coaching is my forte and the crux of my job as an Authenticity coach and counsellor, I am under no illusion that I don’t need help in this area myself. Hence why I invest in my own mindset development.

So, there are your 6 lessons. I hope it has been useful.

If you are stuck and are fed up of feeling stuck and frustrated about where you are at: it might be your relationship, your career, or perhaps you are struggling to answer these questions: Who am I? What do I want? What is my Purpose?  Or maybe life has recently thrown you a few curveballs. Whatever your predicament, don’t suffer in silence, and try to work it out on your own, GET IN TOUCH!
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