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I’ll be honest I am not a big Valentine’s day fan.  I simply do not understand the point of marking one day out of the 365 days (366 this year) to confess undying love to your beloved. Or maybe my issue with Valentine’s day is more to do with how it excludes those who are not in romantic relationships. Yes, it’s great that more people use Valentine’s day to express love in its entirety and not just for couples. But let’s be honest, if you are not in a romantic relationship on Valentine’s day, it can make you stick out like a sore thumb.  Well that was how I felt when I was single.

Back in my singleton days, if your relationship was heading for the rocks, you would try to make it last until after Valentine’s day, just so you weren’t on your own.  During school days, we had a strategy in place by end of January to ensure you received at least one Valentine’s card.

Now I’m married, I can’t help seeing how forced and staged it is. Surely I would feel more special if my hubby turned up on any random day with flowers, chocolates and whisked me off to a romantic dinner, without any influence from the media and the masses. Now that is more my kind of Valentines.

A Happy Valentine’s day starts with loving and accepting you first

Looking back I realise the emptiness of Valentine’s day and  wanting to be showered with love and gifts, really  highlighted my validation from being loved by someone else other than me and myself. So maybe we should have a Happy Love Yourself day, or better still, how about we start Valentine’s day with loving and accepting ourselves.