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When I look back over my life, I can honestly say that what I portrayed as confidence actually pointed to a lack of it. When we seek approval from others, or try to be who we think we should be in the eyes of others, by emulating a popular trend or fashion to the detriment of our own path, then surely we lack confidence in who we are. Conformity is not confidence but instead can highlight where true confidence is lacking. If you follow the trend, fashion, majorly because you really like it, great! But if you do it and you know on the inside you don’t like it, but feel that you should, then lack of confidence is an issue.  – Excerpt from my book “My My Hair and the Rest”

What does being truly Confident mean to you? Are you able to be yourself? Is your worth founded on the opinions of others? Have you discovered the real you?

Here are some questions to help you become confident and authentic:

  1. What are your values?
  2. What’s important to you in life?
  3. What would you like out of life?
  4. How are you being true to who you are? How are you not? What stops you from being you?
  5. In what situations do you feel like you’re being authentic, and in what situations are you not, and why not?
  6. What are your gifts?
  7. What are your strengths?
  8. What are your weaknesses?
  9. What makes you stand out?
  10. Does your walk reflect your talk?
  11. What do you have that can help others?

Taking time to reflect on this increases your self-awareness and can help align you to your purpose. Lack of confidence, and inauthenticity breeds frustration, envy, depression, inadequacy and other self-destroying feelings. The more authentic you are, the more people will draw close to you and trust you. This applies to every area of your life: relationships, business and career.  Do not be afraid to stand out and be true to who you are!



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