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Authenticity is being courageous enough to choose what I intuitively feel is the right path for me, without fearing rejection or isolation for being different.

With countless hours of studying, counselling and coaching my clients, I have reached this conclusion:

“much of our emotional, mindset and mental health challenges are caused by the inner conflict between our self-image and our public mask. In other words, a lack of authenticity.”

Is this You?

  • You are fed up of being hesitant and fearful of taking big bold steps in your life
  • You are ready to do battle with your inner critical voice that says you are not good enough!
  • Tired of playing small and keeping your dreams hidden because you know there is so much more to you.
    You haven’t even scratched the surface.
  • You refuse to let fear, worry and anxiety hold you back anymore, because you want more.
  • Shame will no longer keep you from trying, because you are worthy.
  • You have done enough people pleasing to last you a lifetime and it has got you nowhere.
  • Time to start listening to you. To be true to yourself; to grab courage by the horns and follow your


I run an intensive coaching programme aimed at:

I run an intensive coaching programme aimed at:

  • Developing your self-awareness;
  • Discovering the depths of who you are;
  • Understanding you’re your value system
  • Teaching you how to strip off the masks and layers of your false self to get to your true and authentic self.

The benefit of working with me is that I offer my expertise in mind-set and counselling therapies to help you address deep rooted issues. Sometimes when we struggle to overcome certain challenges in our lives, it may be down to a belief system, or scripts we hold in our minds.

My focus is not just to help you reach your end goal, but to ensure you build inner resources which lead to lasting change.

I use psychotherapy tools and techniques to help you understand who you are, and how to address emotional challenges in your life, affecting your relationships; your business; career; mental health and day to day to living.

The Benefits

  • Discover your true and authentic self
  • Learn how to make choices and decisions that are aligned to your true values.
  • Understand your attachment style and how to improve your relationships.
  • Identify your Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats and how to leverage them in all aspects
    of your life.
  • Identify your inner critic and learn how overpower it.
  • Develop a strong sense of self awareness. Know who you are and what you want.
  • Improve your relationships and communication style
  • Acceptance of self. Knowing you are not perfect but you are enough
  • High self-worth and esteem.
  • Break people pleasing behaviour and Learn to say No
  • Break self-sabotaging and self-critical behaviour. Learn to be self-nurturing

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“I had been wanting to see a counsellor for a while because I was not sure if I had ‘tied up’ some key issues here and there, in my life.

I enjoyed working with Oby because of her personality and her insight. The Own Your Story program for me was really a trigger in so many ways. The way she structured the programme, the insights I got out of it, WOW! It articulated for me things about myself that I may have known but I had not fully wrapped my mind around. And when I met with her face to face and we went through it, I enjoyed the way she delved into my story and picked at critical experiences so that we could unpack them together.

I started out wanting Oby to be my counsellor but we soon realised that what I really needed was some coaching guidance as I had some passions in me that were about to be birthed. We had a number of sessions where we talked through the things that God had been placing on my heart to do, and she was able to encourage me and push me to think bolder and to step out in faith. She was actually one of the first people who saw my platform for what it could be, and not for the smaller ‘outfit’ that I had conservatively envisaged. And here I am today, just a couple months later, I have launched my platform, The Narrow Gateway, and poured my heart into it completely. I am rising and shining, and very grateful for it.”

Toyin Oladiran, Founder of the Narrow Gateway

“Working with Oby has been transformational. You know that point in time where you’re not sure where you’re going and feel like you’ve been chasing your tail for far too long. That’s where having Oby is amazing, she helps you find you. When you find you, you can start to appreciate you and think about you in a positive light. Then you start to attract things that are good for you….that’s where the magic starts.

I can’t recommend Oby enough, It’s an ongoing journey and her honest and direct challenge along with difficult homework is truly a unique experience. If you’re determined to make a change, she’s worth it. We all need help along the way, I’m glad I took that step.”

Charis Thomas

My coaching services are tailored to meet your specific need; it could be an intensive 4-week package or 6-weeks or 12- weeks.