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What is BARE?

An intensive programme for women aimed at developing self- awareness and discovering the depths of who you are; why you are the way you are and how to strip off the masks and layers of your false self to get to your true and authentic self.

I believe the masterclass is pioneering and there’s none like it. Essentially I will be teaching you powerful and creative psychotherapy techniques and interventions which I am trained in and use in my work.

What does a BARE masterclass look like?

We come barefaced as usual. All the ladies like this. No Makeup, NO masks, no facades.  Although there is always one who feels compelled to confess that she put on a bit of something ?

Then we have a check in. Everyone gets a chance to reflect on how they are feeling within the group and with no makeup.

Bare provides a good mix of teaching and practical creative exercises which make it interactive, fun and engaging.

We explore the Question “Who Am I?” with creative exercises exploring the Johari window, a technique which looks at how we relate to ourselves and others, understanding your open self, hidden self, blind self and unknown self.

Out comes the animal figures, paper dolls, colour pencils, glitter. Creativity helps you not to rationalise but to follow your intuition. Every expression means something. Nothing you draw or create in this space is an  accident.

Between creative exercises we delve further into self-awareness by understanding our attachment and relational styles; we discuss attachment theory and transactional analysis.

I introduce the group to a technique called the goldfish bowl which  gives you great practical insight into working with the material and content brought up throughout the class. Participants see how to apply learning to their lives by learning from others and seeing how I work as a counsellor.

Bare February 25th
Bare February 25th

Bare February 25th