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Want real change in 2016

Happy New Year!!So we have had a couple of weeks of merriment, putting off our problems, spending time with loved ones and for many of us, having a well deserved break from work.

Today we’ve made resolutions, promises to be better versions of ourselves, to live better, do better and love better.
Research and experience says that by third week of January, reality and old patterns of behaviour resurface. Issues not dealt with begin to rear their ugly heads again leaving us depressed, frustrated, overwhelmed, just as we felt before last Christmas.

So here’s my challenge to us all. If you desire lasting change and to start as you mean to finish, invest in You, by addressing the areas you want to change. Seek counselling, coaching, mentoring, build a strong support network around you. True change only comes when we commit on purpose to face up to our stuff rather than wishfully hoping and thinking.

My plans for 2016:

– Empowering, coaching, counselling more women in their journey of Authenticity and Change.
– Website Launch! – coming this January.
– Singleness Workshops- Singleness is a gift and not a curse. Starting February.
– Authenticity E-course- The grass on the other side isn’t quite so green.
– Finish my book- watch this space!

That’s all folks. Here’s to 2016, the year of Great Change, Purposeful and Meaningful living!

Lots of love xx