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I am so honoured to be part of my former client Felicia’s journey.  Therapy is a very personal journey, which makes sharing it difficult for some, and very understandable too. But Feli has chosen to own and tell her story and permitted me to share this.
As a therapist/coach you are warned about the parallel process between your journey and your client’s. But I never fully appreciated or imagined how much I would learn from my clients.

Feli is a content creator (you tube), a spoken word artist, a writer, a Christian who experienced a breakdown last year as she battled with depression and suicide ideation.  At that point her counselling journey began and what a journey it has been.  She really is an exceptional and wonderfully peculiar person.  I remember the first time we met and she talked about her and Abba having a conversation. I was like “who?” Her faith in God is so childlike and has really challenged and encouraged me.  But her story raises the question? Do Christian’s battle with mental health issues like depression, suicide ideation, anxiety, OCD.  And my answer is yes we do!!

“I want to be me, unapologetically”

I asked Feli what she really hoped to gain from counselling and her response was “to be me, unapologetically”.  Her journey has been one of self-discovery, self-acceptance, trusting her God-given intuition and voice, daring to be herself and not conforming to expectations of others. She would say it certainly hasn’t been easy. But she has been courageous. I watched her turn her back on a promising pharmacy career because in her heart, it wasn’t her passion or purpose.

Watch her youtube video about her experience with depression and suicide – a brave decision to be vulnerable and transparent, which has impacted many young people and prompted them to share their story.

Today she has been invited to Mental Health Awareness Showcase at Loughborough University to share her experience using her gift of poetry and spoken word. And I am so proud of her and honoured to be a part of her journey. We need more people like Feli to share their story because it helps others to discover theirs.