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I was recently asked by one of the ladies in my face book group about my self-care routine. I have to confess that as soon as I heard the word routine I panicked a bit. I was also filled with guilt about the fact that I don’t have a routine. And if I had a routine it should be look something like this: praying, reading my bible, exercise, eating healthy, going to bed early, read a book a month – All this EVERYDAY

However, the problem is I am a bit of a routine rebel. So I thought that instead of calling it a routine, how about “self-care lifestyle”. That works better for me. It is easy to become legalistic in the way we approach self-care, to the point that it has little meaning or relevance in our lives.

So what is self-care?

In plain and simple English, it is the things we do that bring joy, satisfaction, meaning in our lives, helps us to thrive and function well on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. That said, I believe that without adhering to any rule book about self-care, I am already doing a lot of self-care.

Things that bring joy and satisfaction and purpose for me are:

Writing:I love writing, blogging, journaling my thoughts as it deepens my self-awareness and brings me utmost please.

So that’s self-care right there

My relationship with God:I would be lying if I said I read my Bible every day or had quiet time set aside every day. I don’t. And I really try to expel any guilt or condemnation I have about this. But I converse with God every day. He’s very present in my daily life and on my mind constantly. I’m learning to lean on the Holy Spirit for direction each day as naturally I tend to want to do my own thing. I would love to have an even deeper relationship with God and study the bible in much more depth. But that does not discount the fact that God is a huge part of my self-care lifestyle

Dancing:I love dancing. I’m known to break into dance right in the middle of my kitchen – without music! Thankfully I am married to someone who accepts my peculiarities. And my daughter Dara, has caught on nicely and even joins in. I am not a gym person and I have accepted it. It’s not fun for me and I might go for a while and stop. So I finally found dance workout videos which incorporate cardio and muscle toning. I love working out and can do it morning, at lunch time or in the evening. And Dara loves it too!

Being Authentic and true to myself:Emotionally I am all over the place when I find I comparing me to others and seeking validation and approval from others.  Whether it is my looks, my career, material possessions.  Times like that I have remind myself that I am ENOUGH as I am.

My point is Self-care is not a tick box list of things you “Should” be doing, but things that you enjoy doing and help you thrive physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Self-care lifestyle is unique to you, your personality and needs. And it can change.  Some days my needs are a Pyjama and duvet day.

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