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Emotional resistance is the force that drives you to keep your unhealthy habits firmly in place. This force is often hidden and goes undetected, for example: Procrastination. Why do we develop emotional resistance then?


To “protect us against”:

1. Fear of the unknown – We are naturally resistant to change and are creatures of habit. Especially change that is put on us and requires us learning new things. We want to be in control and guide our every move to keep control.

2. Fear of change – We are afraid of letting go of familiar habits( even habits that do not serve us) because we fear that getting out of our comfort zone and risking a new way of being will mean even more pain, or pain we cannot handle.

3. Fear of being wrong – We want to be always right, to control everything and we tend to justify, rationalize and blame everything outside of us in order to keep us from looking inside and learning how we created situations and gaining our power back as deliberate creators.

Decide on one action you will take for the rest of the week to fight fear and embrace resistance. One little uncomfortable step that even as you think about it, you can feel resistance already. Here’s mine; This week I have made the commitment to promote my book to press (radio shows, TV shows), bloggers and online personalities. One call or email every day. I am exercising my visibility muscle. If you know me, you’ll know that this is way out of my comfort zone.

I feel like I am bugging people when I do this. But guess what the results have been brilliant!! Don’t believe the lies! So what’s yours? Be Intentional and post it below, so you can be accountable.


Face Your Fear & Win


I shared some TIPS on how to face fears your fears and win with the ladies in my private Facebook group. Please watch below to learn more.



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