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Love is kind, Love is patient, it does not envy ….

If you have been to a wedding ceremony you  most likely will have heard  the words above.  When you read the words who/what comes to mind? For me, I think of all my loved ones , family ,friends, acquaintances and strangers who I could practice showing more love. But do you know the one person I rarely think to apply these words to? Me.. What about you? We are more comfortable showing others love, than we are towards ourselves. Guess what? If you don’t practice loving yourself as the words below describe, then chances are you will struggle to show love to others. If we are critical of ourselves, we will be the same to others. If we are self-accepting and gracious to ourselves, we will be able to extend the same to others. When we love others above ourselves, is that real, true and genuine love? How can we truly offer something that we can’t even give ourselves. Something to ponder on..  When was the last time you invested in yourself?Do you feel deserving? or worthy? Do you feel you are enough as you are?  Place a high value on yourself and others will do the same.

If you are stuck and are fed up of feeling stuck and frustrated about where you are at: it might be your relationship, your career, or perhaps you are struggling to answer these questions: Who am I? What do I want? What is my Purpose?  Or maybe life has recently thrown you a few curve balls. Whatever your predicament, don’t suffer in silence, and try to work it out on your own,GET IN TOUCH

I am offering a 90-minute coaching session for £97. To ensure that we work efficiently and effectively during the session, there will be a pre-session questionnaire.  So, come on, stop dilly dallying and book Your 90-minute session

My signature Authenticity coaching programme will:

• Help you understand you

• Identify the root of your problems

• Develop a success plan to make change happen

• Build the courage to change

• Implement Change and live the life you truly want