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“I am passionate about helping people who are FED UP with feeling miserable, anxious, fearful and depressed about the state of their lives. You know you have it within you to do great things but you are stuck in a rut of confusion, overwhelm and chaos.”
You lack clarity, focus and motivation to take action. Basically, you are in survival mode, which is all you can manage at this point. But deep down you want more, “Surely this cannot be it?!!”

This is Where I come in

Being a counsellor and coach, by working with me you get the best of both worlds. However, you can choose one or the other. In my experience counselling is effective for addressing deep rooted sticking problems which if not dealt with, can hinder the success and outcomes of coaching. Coaching is powerful in kick starting an area of your life where you desire change, by setting actionable goals and achievable steps.
I provide a safe space for my clients. I help you find clarity, direction and solutions to help you navigate your life. I help you find courage to know, accept and trust yourself as you hold the answers. I help You become the expert on You.
We build a therapeutic relationship where you feel free to be yourself knowing I won’t judge you. I accept you, and your feelings are real and valid. Then we can get into the process of facing your problems. With me by your side as your encourager and cheerleader, you will start to build the courage to look deep within yourself and to find the answers you are looking for.
I work in a very creative way to help you move from your conscious to unconscious feelings and emotions. We work through your defence mechanisms and barriers which are blocking you from moving out of your comfort zone. Problems we face, whether behavioural or emotional are usually driven by deeply entrenched critical belief systems which influence your thoughts, feelings and actions. I use effective interventions to help us process these beliefs in depth. I work psycho-educationally to equip you with practical tools to build your inner resources, to learn to know what you need and how to achieve growth and change. I help you develop self-awareness to first acknowledge, own and accept your story. I help you become an expert on YOU.
To understand which service would be most suitable to you, we will have a 60-minute exploratory assessment which is your first session. There are no hard and fast rules, as my focus is to ensure that the service I offer meets you needs and requirements.

Results You Can Expect

  • Strong sense of self awareness. Know who you are and what you want.
  • Refuse to conform to what is not you or yours.
  • Learn to trust your own voice and intuition.
  • Courage to make and trust your own decisions
  • Learn how to manage anxiety and uncomfortable feelings by doing self-awareness exercises.
  • Courage to shut out the noise and temptations to conform to people’s expectations.
  • Acceptance of self. Knowing you are not perfect but You are Enough
  • Become Your Own cheerleader and “empowerer”
  • Become Your Own cheerleader and “empowerer”
  • High self-worth and esteem
  • Learn to say No
  • Courage to ask “what is it that I want and need for myself”
  • Develop authenticity and become true to Yourself. There is only one of You.
  • Learn to appreciate and love your God given uniqueness
  • Ability to spot self-sabotaging ways, inner critical voice and learn to overpower them rather than be ruled by them.