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Emotional pain can be so intense and it can hurt just like physical pain. With physical pain you can at least pinpoint the source. Not so with emotional pain. The busyness of the day can block it away like it never existed, until the quietness of night when life is still. And in that moment, you feel the beckoning of that same old familiar feeling… Unrest… familiar but yet unrecognisable. What is this unrest that threatens to drown, consume and condemn you?  Quickly and automatically you reach out for comfort, solace and relief in your drug of choice: food for the comfort eater; wine for the drink lover; weed and substances to get you high so you don’t feel; x-rated movies to take the edge of; mind numbing incessant TV watching for the escapist. And you feel safe and good again albeit short lived. Soon enough feelings of guilt come and overthrow the temporary respite you felt and you are left wondering when the cycle will ever break. “Tomorrow”, you say, “I’ll do better tomorrow, I promise”….