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Want to learn mindfulness? Take a leaf out of my friend – Misi Oni’s book.  The image for this blog post features Misi, a lawyer and adventure fundraiser who trekked 26-mile Inca Trail to Machu Picchu to raise money for the people of Syria.  If you would like to donate, here is her just giving page 

I am so inspired by her heart for people, causes and her love for adventure.

This breathtaking picture really warms my heart and at the same challenges me on three levels:

1. To stop doing and just be present, sometimes we get so caught in life of work, work and more work, that we miss out on enjoying the present.

2. I might never trek the inca trail, but there are so many lovely beautiful places around me that I have never explored . Getting in touch with nature, taking walks, relaxing at the beach, going to the park. These are all ways to release stress and anxiety.

3. It is so easy to be consumed with our lives and our struggles, that we forget the plight of others. Serving others and carrying their burdens really helps us to gain a better perspective of our situation.

We are two months in to 2016.  That’s ten months left to achieve your goals and be the change you desire.