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Over the last few weeks I have had countless battles with my inner critic in anticipation of today. It’s ironic, that I am going through the same feelings I help my clients overcome. THE FEAR OF BEING SEEN. I recognise the signs very easily: fretting, anxiety,procrastinating, faffing, avoiding, putting off things. Hence why I got myself a coach! Yes A Coach! To make me accountable and to give me a good kick up the backside. My fear of being seen is driven my fear of rejection. Will anyone like my site? Will people laugh and show disdain? Am I good enough? Am I qualified enough? Maybe I should do more courses? Aren’t there enough coaches and counsellors out there? what makes you think you are so special? says Mrs IC (Inner critic).

Well my answers to you Mrs IC are: I am Good Enough! I am qualified. I am a brilliant coach and counsellor. This is my God given gift, purpose and passion. And I ain’t hiding it under no bushel. I have no control as to whether people will like or dislike or show disdain. But what I can and will do is turn up, believing it will make a difference to the life of at least, one person.