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happiness keys

Over ten years ago, someone very close to me told me“the value you place on yourself is the value others will see in you”. Those words stuck, perhaps more so than the person who told me realised. At the time I was not in a great place. Desperately searching for happiness in the wrong places. Convinced that the holder of the key to my happiness was Mr Right.

There are so many women out there who have spent the most part of their lives waiting for their fairy-tale to happen. The one where their knight in shining armour comes and rescues them from their lacklustre, empty lives. Ever wondered what really happened to Cinderella after she was swept off her feet by her Prince? Given the loss, rejection and pain she suffered from a young age? Could her life just have been made perfect by her Mr Right?  These are stories entrenched in the minds of many young girls, and twenty, thirty years on still waiting for him to show up and happiness to begin. If only I knew then that God’s purpose and plans for me extended far beyond finding my Mr Right and being Mrs Somebody, I would have spent more time unearthing the wonderful gifts within me and choosing happiness.