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Who looks outside, dreams; who looks within, awakes

One of the most life changing lessons I have learned in my personal life and professional experience as a counsellor is the importance of knowing and owning my story.

“The best Knowledge to have is self-knowledge”

There is the age old saying that knowledge is power.  I wholeheartedly agree with this, growing up in a developing country where education is not free to all, I am fully aware and appreciative of the power of knowledge in freeing people out of poverty and hardship.  But I do wonder if perhaps we emphasise the value of external knowledge over the power of knowledge within? Do we really know who we are deep down? The truth is, it is easier to look outside of ourselves for answers than to look within. I have done so many different courses in my time, driven by the belief that if I gained another skill, became knowledgeable in another area or added more to my collection of achievements, it would bring me the success I was after.

“Until you look within, there will always be a void which you will try to fill”

However, and interestingly, in as much as I continued with my quest for more knowledge, it was my lack of self-knowledge and self-awareness that caused the most damage in my life. If we do not know who we are, then how can we know what we truly need or want? Chances then are, that we are being led by the influences, beliefs, expectations of others and mistaking them for ours.  In my own experience, there was an underlying emptiness within me, which for many years I was unable to articulate or understand, until I started to look closer within me for answers.

You truly are your own expert, problem is, that many haven’t taken the time to study and learn their own manual


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