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You walk in…
with the world on your shoulders


But you have reached a place where you are desperate to offload this burden, whatever it is.
I sense and feel your pain, I can see it in your eyes, in your body language…
Fear is always usually present, lurking,
At the same time, I see a glimmer of hope and expectation
The unspoken question, “can this be fixed? can I be fixed?” hangs in the air until you feel bold enough to ask.
Of course I don’t answer, but I smile with a knowing.
Life has pushed you to a place where you are backed into a corner,
The rug suddenly pulled from under you,
Control snatched right out of your hands, leaving you powerless
and questioning who you really are.
Yet in this very scary, I know you are where you need to be.
To be still
To listen within
To look inward
To stop running and hiding
Allowing your wisdom to emerge
A part of me wants to say “welcome home”
Home, a place we abide.



I help my clients dig deep to discover their true self and the clarity and courage to make the changes that will enable them have a deeply satisfying life.

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