Oby Bamidele

Registered Counsellor

Helping you get unstuck

Hi, I’m Oby!  I am a registered counsellor and well-being coach. I would love to help you get unstuck and to overcome the things robbing you of your freedom to enjoy your life to the full.

My Story

For the most part of my life I struggled with knowing who I was. Happiness to me was a destination which I never seemed able to arrive at, despite my best efforts.

My life seemed to focus on everything external of me and I strived constantly to fit into my perception of success which was all about achievement, status, wealth and credentials. Externally I made every effort to look the part but internally I was seriously conflicted and confused. I held deep frustrations which looking back, I can now attribute to having no knowledge of who I was, what I needed and why I was on this earth. I was unhappy in my career path, on paper I looked successful and was doing all the things a successful person would do.

The more frustrated, discontent and miserable I felt, the more I made poor choices. I plunged into self-destroying patterns of behaviour: food bingeing, bulimia, excessive and unnecessary spending, going from one relationship to another, until I hit breaking point.


 There’s a saying that a person becomes ready for change when the pain caused by their situation becomes unbearable and far greater than the fear of taking a leap out of the situation. That was my story. My change came through seeking counselling, self-discovery and a spiritual journey. I learned to own my story, all of it, made peace with my past and accepted that I was good enough and didn’t have to define myself by anyone else’s standards.

Through my own journey, I discovered my deep passion for supporting people through life’s difficulties and challenges, which led me back to school to study counselling and psychotherapy. I hold a Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling. I am registered with the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP). I also have over 10 years’ experience in People Development covering coaching, Human Resources Management and Leadership training.

A Little Bit More About Me

I am married to Gbenga, a youth worker, and we have a beautiful daughter

Three words I would use to describe me: Authentic, Un-conforming and Self-aware

Author of two books “Finding Purpose” and “Me, My Hair and the Rest”

I drink too much coffee!

I love helping people get unstuck out of their problems and could do it all day… really

I am a straight talking girl.

I changed career after years of being an accountant and loathing it

I love my work!

Above all I am a Christian and love God

My Approach

My passion is ignited most when empowering people to break out of their rut, whether it is overcoming a difficult life challenge, or mental health issues, relationship difficulties or helping someone find their purpose and make sense of their life. I believe that the most important knowledge to have is self-knowledge. And this is the crux of the work I do with my clients. I help you become unapologetically authentic and self-aware to follow your unique path.

There’s a saying that “You cannot take your client where you have not been.” I can relate entirely to your feelings of brokenness, emptiness, depression and engaging in self-destroying behaviours to cope with emotional pain. I am as real as it gets. You are not alone.

So, let’s work together to bring your desired change