Self-Awareness & Self-Discovery Masterclass

What is BARE?

An intensive program for women aimed at developing self- awareness and discovering the depths of who you are; why you are the way you are and how to strip off the masks and layers of your false self to get to your true and authentic self.

I believe the masterclass is pioneering and there’s none like it. Essentially I will be teaching you powerful and creative psychotherapy techniques and interventions which I am trained in and use in my work.

After countless hours of studying, counselling and coaching my clients, I have reached the conclusion that much of the emotional, mindset and mental health challenges we face are caused by the inner conflict between who we are (self-image) and who we think we should be (public persona)

Deep down we desire to be true to ourselves, to find the courage to trust and follow our convictions in a world where we fear rejection and judgement when we step out of the ordinary and go against the norm. It takes courage and determination to choose to be You Unapologetically. What will the world think? What will people say. Will people like me?

We spend so much time fighting for the acceptance of others, that we ignore ourselves along with our unique design and all that comes with it, our creativity, values and true self. The effect is detrimental to our spiritual, mental and emotional wellbeing.

My heart’s desire is to help people become authentic as they grow in full knowledge and awareness of themselves. We spend so much time studying and understanding subjects other than ourselves. I believe that the most important knowledge to have is self-knowledge.

What Does A BARE Life Class Look Like?

Bare provides a good mix of teaching and practical creative exercises which make it interactive, fun and engaging.

I am currently running 3 part BARE life class sessions which usually run on the 1st Saturday of the month.
You are welcome to attend 1 or all 3 sessions, as each theme is standalone. However, by attending all three, you get the full breadth and depth.

Session 1 - Discover Your True Self

Explore one of life’s big questions – “Who am I!”

We dive into understanding your personality and the stages of self-awareness.

Discover the shadow aspects of yourself and how this influences your self-perception, self –image and relationships

Learn how to begin to own and connect with your story and history, leveraging your life experiences for greater purpose and good.

Session 2 - Breaking The Mould

Learn how to discover and embrace the Real Authentic You.

We explore the concept of Congruence and what that looks like in our lives.

What are the things that block our ability to be authentic and congruent.

Shame is great authenticity blocker and we explore this in great depth, looking at the concept the inner critic and how to recognise and manage shame triggers.

Learn how to develop shame resilience through self-nurture and acceptance

Overcoming Fear, Shame and The Inner Critic

Session 3 - Walking The Talk

Learn how to be your true authentic self practically in the face of daily challenges.

We look at the concept of Life scripts, how we develop scripts from as young as the age of four and how we build a narrative that drives our decision making process.

Through creative and interactive exercises, we uncover our own scripts in our lives and how to begin to unlearn negative scripts.

We delve into building our individual self-care kits, which sets the intention for how we will respond to our scripts, when we feel, shamed, triggered, small or when our inner critic’s voice is so loud and we just want to hide.

Learn about the 4 tenets of self-care and how to use this to overcome old negative scripts.

BARE Life Class Session



” I learnt so much about how to be shame resilient, there were feelings I had that I never actually identified as shame, today I learned to identify the feelings and how to manage them”

“The Class was full of wealth. I wish there was more time. A lot to chew on and to think about. “

“The animal exercises were amazing and so insightful. I learnt so much about my personality”

“The inner critic exercise was so insightful, the class everything I expected and more”

“I have learnt so much about my scripts and why I have them”

“Your workshop is amazing, I am learning so much about me. Over the last three months, I have seen a massive change in my life, Thank you so much Oby!”

“I didn’t have any expectations of the class, but I am so glad I came, I wish the class was longer!”

“The session was everything and more. I learnt so much about myself”

Now is the time.

Start Your Journey to Self-Discovery Today!