Counselling with Oby Bamidele

How Can Counselling Help You?

Counselling gives you the space and entitlement to address areas of imbalance, conflict and things that are stripping you of your joy and peace. As your counsellor, my role is to support you, come alongside you, as we work through your problems. You do not have to be alone in this. You may be struggling with depression, anxiety, trauma, addictions or facing a difficult life crisis.

Perhaps you feel stuck in a rut or you are dealing with unresolved issues from your past. I can honestly say that counselling is effective and can help you. It takes having an open mind, a willingness and commitment to embrace change. I have worked with clients who initially were sceptical and unsure about the process, but were pleasantly surprised. 

I am an experienced, and qualified counsellor with a Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling. I am
registered with British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP).

**Please note: I’m currently not taking on any new clients**

My Areas of Interest and Specialism

Early Years and Attachments
I help clients understand the impact of their early years and attachments in forming life scripts and belief systems. I believe that some of the personal struggles we face as adults are usually informed by our early experiences. I work with clients to gain a depth of understanding in this area in order to devise strategies and interventions to achieve growth and change.
Childhood Sexual Abuse

I work with adult clients who have experienced the trauma of childhood sexual abuse and support them through a process of healing.

Dealing with Fear and the Inner Critic

I believe fear plays a significant role in a lot the mental health problems people face today. I support clients to identify the roots of fear in their lives and how it impacts their belief system and decision-making process. By uncovering the fear factor, we can then devise evidence-based truths to address and overcome fears.

Developing Self-awareness and Self-knowledge

Popular words said by many of my clients are “I don’t know who I am”. Unfortunately, we live in a world that often encourages us to imbibe standards and values outside of who we are. We learn to follow the crowd, traditions and norms, paying little attention to our individuality and uniqueness. If anything, we come to see our difference as a stumbling block and we often want to hide it away for fear of rejection. Until we reach a place in life when we are fed up, lacking fulfilment and satisfaction from keeping up with our false self. I am passionate about helping people discover who they truly are, supporting them in building the courage to begin a self-discovery journey of authenticity and liberation.


Brené Brown defines shame as “the intensely painful feeling or experience of believing that we are flawed and therefore unworthy of love and belonging – something we’ve experienced, done, or failed to do makes us unworthy of connection”. Shame has a lot to answer for in a lot of mental health difficulties and life struggles that people face. Often, we don’t even recognise it as shame, and we’ll do anything to avoid feeling the intense emotional pain of shame. Self-compassion and empathy is a much-needed anecdote for shame and my goal is to come alongside my clients as they learn to identify shame and build strategies to overcome it.

I also support clients who present with the following symptoms and problems: depression; anxiety; eating disorders; low self-esteem; marriage and relationship issues; domestic abuse; stress; cross-cultural issues.

My Approach

My passion is ignited most when empowering people to break out of their rut, whether it is overcoming a difficult life challenge, or mental health issues, relationship difficulties or helping someone find their purpose and make sense of their life. I believe that the most important knowledge to have is self-knowledge. And this is the crux of the work I do with my clients. I help you become unapologetically authentic and self-aware to follow your unique path.

There’s a saying that “You cannot take your client where you have not been.” I can relate entirely to your feelings of brokenness, emptiness, depression and engaging in self-destroying behaviours to cope with emotional pain. I am as real as it gets. You are not alone.

So, let’s work together to bring your desired change

What to Expect in Your First Session?

It is all about getting to know you and you getting to know me. Some clients have come to their first session expecting it to be quite formal, which they soon realise it isn’t. There are no airs and graces. I am a relational counsellor, which means that it is important we are comfortable with each other and can build a trusting therapeutic relationship. You see, most times in life we put on masks and put up barriers to the external world, but in the counselling room, you are free to be yourself. I won’t judge you, I accept you as you are. Your feelings are real and valid in our counselling space.

My Model of Counselling

My model of counselling is integrative. This means that I combine several counselling approaches which are complementary and most suitable in helping my clients achieve their desired outcomes. Examples of the counselling approaches I integrate are Person-centred therapy, Transactional Analysis (TA) and Gestalt Therapy. I am also a strong advocate for Attachment Theory which helps us understand attachment during early years and how it impacts adult patterns of relating. I work psycho-educationally and practically to equip my clients with knowledge and resources to enable them achieve lasting desired change.

As a BACP registered member, I am bound by its Ethical Framework for Good Practice and am subject to its complaints procedure. Confidentiality is very important in counselling and the service I provide. Everything you share during our sessions together will be treated as highly confidential, subject however to the ethical framework of the BACP. I am required by BACP to undertake regular supervision and Continuing professional development through courses, reading and keeping up to date with the profession.

Regularity and continuity are important in counselling and whilst I make every effort to accommodate flexibility into our working agreement, I do expect commitment to the counselling process and therapeutic relationship if you desire lasting change and growth. The sessions will last 50 minutes, and with some clients I offer 80-minute sessions.

My counselling practice is based in Grays, Essex RM16. Clients who live in Thurrock, Dartford and East London areas can easily access my practice for face-to-face counselling. I also offer online counselling (Skype or Zoom) to clients who live further afield and clients based internationally. Click on the link below to book a free discovery call, to find out more about how I work.

**Please note: I’m currently not taking on any new clients**

Counselling Session Prices

prices apply for online & in-person sessions

55 Minute Individual Session

10% discounts available for block bookings of 6 or more sessions.


85 Minute Individual Session

10% discounts available for block bookings of 6 or more sessions.


55 Minute Couples Session

10% discounts available for block bookings of 6 or more sessions.


85 Minute Couples Session

10% discounts available for block bookings of 6 or more sessions.



“I came to find Oby’s services at a very crucial time in my life. I was sinking deep into depression and feeling suicidal majority of the time. The last several months with Oby have helped save my life.”

El. F

“Distance counselling worked wonders thanks to her communication style that gave me the impression I was sitting in her office. During these sessions I felt safe, heard, understood and also constructively challenged.  I am grateful for her guidance which helped make my life transition less scary and looking forward to the next connection!”

Anne S

“Oby provides a safe and non-judgemental space for therapy. Her systematic approach in understanding who you, where you’ve come from and who you want to be has been fundamental for my growth. Oby is brilliant and I highly recommend her.”

Nikki O